East Texas Poultry Trades Day


Gear up for East Texas Poultry Trades Day – where trades, crafts, and community come alive! Join us at the Yamboree Livestock Pavilion in Gilmer, Texas, right off US Highway 271 North, as it buzzes with poultry lovers, craft seekers, and families ready for a day of excitement.

Dive into diverse poultry selections, along with farm favorites like rabbits, goats, and sheep. Whether you're a poultry pro or just getting started, we've got you covered. From coops and feeders to handcrafted treasures perfect for home décor or gifting, it's a hub of quality finds.

Celebrate Gilmer's thriving community spirit at the Trades Day. Share stories, reconnect with neighbors, and relish the camaraderie. Keep up with event highlights and connect with attendees on our Facebook group.

Mark your calendar for a day where tradition and community merge for some clucking good fun! See you in Gilmer!

Address: 1299 US Highway 271 North

City: Gilmer

State: Texas

Last Updated: September 22, 2023

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