Small Animal & Poultry Swap


Every month from May to October, Buckhannon, WV comes alive with the sounds of the Small Animal & Poultry Swap. Join us from 8am to 12pm to engage with a community eager to buy, sell, and trade poultry and other small livestock.

This gathering, hosted by the dedicated Freedom Ag & Energy Cooperative, underscores their dedication to nurturing community ties and promoting the essence of trade. Whether you're an avid poultry enthusiast, looking to diversify your collection of small livestock, or simply curious about the world of rural exchanges, there's a place here for you.

Circle these monthly dates on your calendar, and step into a tradition that captures the essence of rural living and the excitement of commerce. We're eager to reunite with familiar faces and welcome newcomers to our community. Come join us in Buckhannon and experience the joy of the swap!

Address: 60 N Spring St

City: Buckhannon

State: West Virginia

Last Updated: September 22, 2023

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